Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My 75th Birthday was so fine.  We planned to celebrate at the Oregon Coast but a big strong Pacific Atmospheric River came instead.  We moved the party to our home in Salem.  We had 18 guests including some of our family from Moses Lake who braved the storm to come over.  Thank You to all.  Here is the Betty Boop Video - Celebration of my Life!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtGvZ8q7No0&feature=youtu.be

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hello Friends,
I have been absent from this Blog for about 4 years and I must apologize! I am getting ready for another Birthday Bash for my 75th!  Contact me at bettyderricott@hotmail.com if you would like to come.

Update:  Ron & I are very well.  We now have 14 GREAT grandchildren!  And since Eli & Lori are expecting we will be Grandparents again in January!  Oh how sweet life is!

I am retired and loving it!  Ron still does Upholstery and his customers are very fortunate to get the last few year of master craftsmanship he is willing to share.  Kids are doing great.  Just attended #32 River Romp at BarUK Ranch in La Center WA. 

I have a little dog named OBI WAN!  He is the joy of my life!  He is keeping me healthy by making me walk a half mile every day. 
Thanks for checking in.  Will have more news soon.  Love to all,  Betty

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

The year fly's by and now again we return to the time of gratitude for the bounty of our lives.  It has been a grand year - a sad year - a happy year - and every day - every second in the NOW we have an opportunity to participate in the grand experience of LIFE.  I am so grateful for all of my great friends and family. 

As you saw in my August Post we have a growing number of great grand children - grand children grown and starting families of their own.  We love them all and we wish them the unconditional Love and patience that make all experiences positive for our growth.  In May we were able to take a trip to meet Jesse and Amanda's 5 month old Jessica.  She is now a year old - dancing and talking.  We met Ana, Justin & Ashley's beautiful 3 month old daughter.  We have not yet met Joshua's family but from the pictures we have received they are a beautiful family. 

This is Amanda with baby Jessica during our visit in May.  Her Grandma Vicki is very proud of her!

We were delighted to have our Granddaughter 25 year old Alyssa spend the entire Summer in Salem with us.  She and a friend came by train early in June.  Alyssa had a good break after her college graduation and is now expressing her love for Child Development in a job as Nanny in Everette Wa.

This is a picture of Justin, Ashley and 3 month old Ana.  Lovely family.  Wishing them the very best!

My daughter Debbie had barriatric surgery on October 30th and we have been able to spend a lot of time together while she is off work and in recovery.  She is doing so very well.  She is so brave - and is very happy about the completion of this surgery and is following every step of the outline for great success.

My son Tim is about to be 50!!!  OH MY.  I am so proud of him.
He has been posting old video's on U-Tube and it can only remind us of how much fun we had together 30 years ago when we were all a lot more slender - pretty - and agile!

We are looking forward to Celebrating with him as he moves into the
new life as a 50 year old - today's 30 year equivalent - but a little wiser and still having lots of fun.

Tim headed up the family conspiracy to make my 71'st Birthday one to remember.  They gave me a wonderful little video camera with stabilizer and zoom capable of doing some of the recording I want to do as I pursue my hobby of bird watching.

They also planed the Queen's Day which was celebrated in honor of me and Marilyn's Mom, Pat,
who also celebrates her birthday in October.

They simply told us to mark out the entire day of Saturday October 13th and starting with a wonderful family breakfast - Queens Day was ON!

After a lovely time over breakfast we were off in Tim's Van to the pumpkin patch where we took in all the fun things on the farm - I kept my Queen's crown on through it all.

I told the farmer not to be surprised if I turned his pigs into white horses and one of his pumpkins into my carriage!  He said that we be fine as long as I return them after my Queen for a Day is past. 

We listened to a blue grass band and sang along to "Hole in the bottom of the Sea"!  We took a hay ride where I used my magic want to request of Tim, Eli and Ron that they go out in the pumpkin patch and bring back 3 pumpkins for the Queen.  What FUN!

After the pumpkin patch - the Queens parted - Pat and her party went shopping - while my kids and I headed for the Oregon Garden in Silverton Or.

It is a beautiful place any time of the year - but in the fall the tree colors and flowers were just spectacular.  We had a fun ride on the tram - took a short walk to see all the carved pumpkins - and stopped at the coffee shop for a snack before traveling on - next to the winery!

From high on the hill above the Garden just in front of the Hotel and Restaurant - we see the beautiful Willamette Valley horizon.  It was my first chance to try my new camera and it worked beautifully with no bumps and no snow between shots!  It almost appears that I know what I am doing with it.

Thank you.  I am amazed at the amount of love I feel.  How Grand!

It looks like we were both a little tired by the time we ordered a beautiful dinner at McGrath's Fish House.

Eli and Lindsay, Debbie, Tim and Marilyn, and Pat and Wayne enjoyed dinner with us.  The wine tasting had begun at the Winery so I completely finished myself with a final glass of wine - and a toast to another grand year with the most wonderful family a girl like me could ever desire.

Thanks for dropping in for the updates.  We are feeling well and enjoying life to the extreme.  My handsome husband Ron is the love of my life and what a trip it is Growing Old with Ron!
Love to all.

Friday, October 5, 2012

July of 2012

Seems like a long time ago - but July is our wedding anniversay - on the 4th as you probably already know.  This year Ron's sister Cyndi and family planned a visit for July 4th weekend with us with a plan to go to the Water Park at the Evergreen Space museum.

First we had the privilege of helping Luis celebrate his birthday!  Cyndi and Rebecca brought with them an amazing strawberry filled birthday cake. 

It was only the beginning of the end of my idea to loose weight before my Birthday in October!  It was covered in real whipped cream and I can't even imagine the calories it cost us. Yum!

It is always so great to have the family visit.  We get to eat more, play more, and have lots of fun.

We planned our trip to the Water Park for the 6th of July and I rode with Luis and the girls and we left Ron home to work.  He doesn't like swimming anyway! 

It was our first time there and being a summer holiday week it was very busy.   First we did get a $5. discount for each of us - which helped because it is a very expensive day $30 per person! 

It was totally worth it for me -my first Wave Pool!
I giggled like a 6 year old as I got bounced around on my float.  On the big screen we had multiple choice questions that helped us learn about the small amount of drinkable water available on our beautiful planet - and many more surprising facts.

Alyssa was still with us and she really enjoyed the tubes.  She and Luis climbed the 122 steps to the top of the building where the 747 sits on top.  Inside the gutted 747 is access to 4 tubes.  Alyssa tried every single one - Luis did 3 - and I admired anyone who could climb to the top of the building!
Alyssa took this orange tube which looked so small everyone had to cross their arms over their chests to slide down the completely dark tube until it opens to the light toward the bottom.  Yikes!

One of the most exciting tubes began its decent with a whirl pool for single or double floats and spun them around and around until they could navigate into the small tube opening - usually backwards and starting their ride.

The cafeteria provided reasonable quick meals and drinks for the tired old people and I took advantage of that.
It was a fun day with nice company.  Something every great grandma should do just to remember how it feels to be young and adventurous.

Before leaving town we made a visit to our new Grand Pups at my daughter and son-in-laws home.
They are so cute and by now have grown a lot as you have seen.

My great grand children are in Moses Lake, and my grand pups and grand cats are here in Salem.

This is Savannah Rose - the tiny little tri -color Sheltie. 

We made a visit to the State Capital to find the doors locked on a Saturday.  Alyssa is my "model" Granddaughter.  No matter when a picture is taken Alyssa is posing for it.  Proud of you Alyssa!

After our visitors left we asked Alyssa to spend some time with her Great Uncle so Ron and I could properly celebrate our 38th Anniversary.  We headed for the mountains as we have done for so many years.  We camped for 3 nights and 4 days.
We visited our old stomping grounds in the Mt. Jefferson wilderness and sang our song, "Those were the days, My Friend!"

Love that Man of Mine!

Thanks for checking in to our site.  Hope life is as much fun for you!


Monday, September 24, 2012

August of 2012

August as always begins with the River Romp the first weekend held at the Bar_UK Ranch in LaCenter Wa.
The 28th year was especially sweet since so many of our own family were in attendance.  Our two new Great Granddaughters were there for their first River Romp.  Maybe too little (Jessica 10 months - parents are Jesse and Amanda) and (Ana 5 months - parents are Justin and Ashley).  They were happy little girls and did  very well considering that the temperature reached 102 degrees F on the main event day of Saturday.  We all took turns dipping in the Lewis River for relief - including the little ones.

Ernie and Diana's family were all there to help with the babies - a relief to parents and of course Diana was really involved as she reluctantly assumes the title "Grandma".  To the right is Jessica and her auntie Asia who is always willing to help and who spent almost as much time in the River as I did!

Ron & I arrived on Thursday so we could select the best camping spot.  We found ourselves next to a broken water line - so the first project after setting up camp was for Ron to grab a shovel and help out Jeff and Rolf get started on the big job of digging it out - letting it drain and fixing it.  I was amuzed by all the mud - what fun!
It wasn't long before Jesse came to help and Ernie who was recovering from a spider bite that lead to Merca - was not allowed to help.  We are so glad he is finally recovered from this serious situation.

After the usual difficulties - requiring Jeff to kneel and think - the water geizer was subdued and the assignment of fun and good food continued.

We saved a spot for Angel and Jerry - and were delighted to learn Ron's neice Ann was with them.  We had not seen Ann for about 30 years.  What a joy it was to listen to this beautiful strong woman tell about experiences in India where she and her family lived for a time assigned by Walmart.  I had some amazing insights about how the evolution of our planet is slowly occuring as people who have been enslaved for centuries are beginning to learn about the possibilities of opportunities that we here in America take for granted. 

Rons sister Erna who was recently hospitalized with serious heart conditions was there in the motor home and it was wonderful spending time with her - and Ron's sister Cyndi and family.  After all it is a Family Reuntion and this year it was GRAND thanks to Pet & Ulf who have hosted this opportunity to re-unite for going on 30 time.

Rolf & Deana fished in Alaska before flying down for the RR with 100 lb of salmon - of which the Chefs grilled 75 pounds along with chicken to feed the crowd that usually exceeds 100 people.  Try cooking over a grill in 102 degrees.  Thank You to all the Brave People!  The pot luck brought by attendees along with the grilled treats made for a wonderful huge meal in the middle of a very hot day.  A few brave young people took part in a relay race as I sat in the shade of a tarp panting.
The Lip Sync that eveing was spectacular.  Two of the little kids who started performing when they were 4 - 5 years old are interviewing for careers on Broadway - New York.  Wow.  Such talent.

Just as the River Romp ended Maria and her family arrived from Sweden.  We were able to host them for only 3 days - but it was grand seeing our Swedish Daughter Maria (exchange student with us in 1980) and meet again her beautiful family.  Helena is 16 and will be spending the year in Seattle in her exchange hosted by Stina's family.  Simon is her "little" brother towering over her here - and he is well know in his community in Sweden for his acting abilities.  He too would love to try out on Broadway!  Little Lilly is the happiest two year old I have very met.  Even though she doen't yet understand English - we got along really fine.  What a little doll.  We took in the Saturday Market shown above and then walked around the State Capital for a while.  Thank You for coming Maria!  We LOVE you so much and look forward to your return for the 30th River Romp! 

We enjoyed Swedish Pancakes that Helena and Maria made and renewed Ron's interest in making them for me!  YUM

Thanks for dropping in.  Betty

Sunday, September 23, 2012

We skipped Summer - Welcome to Fall

I am amazed that the last entry was inviting spring - and the time has flown by during a very busy and fun summer.  Today I am going to talk about September - because I can remember that month - and later I will write a short blog about each month from May forward - so I can look back on a very busy and eventful time.

Eli started bringing me Apples from his orchards ealy in September - and I didn't want to waste a thing.  First there were great apple pies - eaten quickly.  Then the tiny sweet Crab Apples became sweet clear beautiful apple juice.  When more came there was apple sauce made the old fashioned way by cooking the cored apples with skins and running through an apple sauce seperator.  Nice but a little bitter tasking.  So then Ron helped me peel apples which became more sliced and canned applesauce.  More pies, and pie filling in the freezer.  Then it was time for peaches so we went on a Sunday drive to the farms in the area and came home with 80 pounds of beautiful tree ripened peaches which became 36 quarts of canned sugar free peaches and lots of fresh peaches and peach pies.  Whew - I was so busy I didn't document with pictures so you will just have to imagine how beautiful all this fruit looks in my fruit room.

Then it happened!  The 30+ year old freezer in the basement started to fall in rusty pieces on the floor.  We still have corn on the agenda and need to freeze that.  It became urgent to replace our huge freezer and we considered our growing old togher needs and decided to buy a side by side refrigerator/freezer and replace our upstairs fridge.  Knowing that freezer would be only about 13 cubic feet of storage we also decided to buy a new 13 cubic foot freezer for the basement too.  Our kitchen was last remodeled and stocked with new appliances 12 years ago and the dish washer is'nd exactly doing it's job - so we did a deal at Lowes and bought all three appliances and scheduled the delivery date for Sept 11, 2012. 

We had already invited the entire family to a joint September Birthday Celebration for Eli, Debbie and our new tenant Barbara scheduled for September 14th.  Now we had to remodel the kitchen to fit in the new appliances - I wanted to paint all the surfaces white to match our new appliances - and we had to be done and have a big party on the 14th.  Whew - no wonder time flies!
My hustand is so brilliant!  Yes he looks a little stressed?  We found skinny cupboards already white at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for $30.  Ron built the framework for the area around our big new fridge in 3 hard work days.  I scheduled pick up of donated old fridge and dish washer with the Re-store for the 11th - the same day Lowes were to deliver!!
See!  It all worked perfectly!  We Love our new fridge with water and cubed or crushed ice on the front of the freezer - and now we can see what we have to eat!  We still create too many leftovers!  Good as long as we use it in a timely fashion.  So that was done on the 12th.

Two days to Prime Rib/Steel Head/Baked Potatos/Salad/dinner for 12 or 13 people!

I made the September Birthday People wear hats - Bab's a cowboy hat - she makes beautiful native american Vases, Walking Sticks, and Stuff!  Eli had to wear Ron's Viking Hat - after all he is our son!  Debbie got to be the fairy princess with lights flashing on her St Patricks Day tiera!  It was fun and the food was anazing!  We had a great crowd - a great time with beautiful outdoor surroundings - the September flowers have been Beautiful!

The bottom picture is arranged in Ron's outdoor kitchen just over his sink.  We had Christmas lights on in the kitchen for our party - it was beautiful.
Here is a boquet for you!  Since that Party I have been resting and will continue to recover all winter.  More coming tomorrow or the next day.  Thank You for Visiting!
A Boquet for YOU!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Welcome to Spring 2012

A lot has transpired in the final days of winter 2012.  My children lost their father to an 18 month battle with leukemia in Mid- February..  My Daughter and Son in Law lost their little girl dog Sophie in Mid- January .  The days have been dark and cold with rain and grief.  There is no way for any of us to avoid grief.  We have to struggle, wade, walk through it step by step and day by day.  Some days we slip backward - some days we take a leap forward in the joy of remembering the laughter and the fun we shared.  Those of us who are fortunate enough to live longer than our parents have this journey to experience.  A bitter-sweet path that we find eventually leads us to a sunlit elevated plane from which we can better see the horizon. We can appreciate the patience and courage we found in our own hearts and through the support of others.  We find the wisdom of gratitude for how perfectly every single thing has been as it unfolded in our lives.

We will always remember Bob's beautiful voice, his wonderful talent and his bright smile. " Daddy Bob", we hope you have found your Piano and Flower Garden because we know you are smiling down on us!

We expect to Celebrate Bob Lamberson's amazing Life in April.  The
date and place will be announced soon.  Thanks for all the love.

We celebrated Ron's 72nd birthday early in March.  Our family joined us for a great meal at the Red Lobster, Ron received wonderful gifts from each of the family and a metal sculptured Eagle from his wife.
We saw the weather was going to be nice on the beach on March 5th so we went to Yachats Oregon for two wonderful nights  at the ocean.

The 804 Trail
The path you see below is called the 804 Trail and dates back as far as 600 B.C. when the Native Alsi People harvested the Mussels and other shell fish and walked this ocean front path from the forests to their meeting places.  First surveyed in the 1890's the trail began at Alsea Bay in Waldport and continued onto a seven mile beach and then climbing the rocky basalt shelf and continuing on to Yachats.  Can you imagine the horse-drawn wagons traveling along this trail to deliver goods from one community to another so long ago?

Click to enlarge picture and see the Rainbow
In January we celebrated Tim and Marilyn's birthdays by taking them to the Evergreen Air Museum for a day. We toured the air museum, the space museum, took in a I-Max movie featuring the Hubble Telescope and inspiring views of the cosmos as well as views of Mother Earth from the space station.  We launched a Titan Missile and talked to volunteer Veterans who told us all about their experiences from  WWII and later.
We had lunch together and celebrated in the best way possible - together!
This morning which is the second official day of spring - we awoke to about 3 inches of soft white snow covering every branch, bush and daffodil. About 1:00 a.m. my little cat "Baby" work me by gently tapping on my shoulder with her paw.  I tried to ignore her but after she was so persistent I decided she must be frightened.  When I woke up and looked out the window it was a magic beautiful site.  The backdrop of City Lights made the snow on every surface look like diamonds.  I heard a loud thud - which made me and "Baby" jump.  The snow was sliding off branches above the roof and dropping with a sound neither of us were used to hearing.  I tucked "Baby" under the blankets with me and she purred so loudly it was hard to go back to sleep.

The snow is melting.  Spring is coming.  The Summer will be warm and happy and we hope to share special moments with you, our friends and loved ones soon!  I have a membership for the entire year for Evergreen Museum - so come and visit - and I can take 3 guests - with no charge for admission to see the Spruce Goose and all the rest.  You can buy my lunch! 

Love to all.  Thanks for dropping in.